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VOLUME 2 & 3 DEC 2014 - DEC 2015

The maiden publication of this journal in December 2013 met with unprecedented challenges which have now been fully addressed. This explains the reason for the delay of the subsequent publications till date. However, in order not to have a lacuna in the numbering and dating of our publications, the present edition is made to cover a period of two years: 2014-2015; and as it were, it consists of two volumes in one: volumes 2 & 3. From a certain perspective, the delay appears beneficial to the overall quality of the journal because it gave the editorial crew the opportunity to carefully select very insightful and thought-provoking articles that deal with a wide range of issues in the domains of philosophy and public life read more


This maiden issue of International Journal of Philosophy and Public Affairs covers a collection of thoughts that inspires and bears hand in shaping the society and environment. Chyrsanthus Nnemeka Ogbozo traces the path of finding a middle-course between private and public languages.
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